Berths & Fees

Mooring Rates 2017

Current Rates excluding
VAT and Tax

VAT is payble on leisure craft berths at the standard rate, currently 20%. Residential berths are zero rated but may attract Council Tax payable to Gravesham Borough Council. 

BUOY MOORINGS - for leisure craft up to 12 metres. Not "walk ashore". A tender is available.
Yearly: £192.00 per metre 
Monthly: £16.00 per metre 

VISITORS: Short-term berths are normally available. 
Up to 12 metres: Daily: £25.00 One Week: £100.00 
Over 12 metres: Subject to availability.
After two weeks, charges revert to the appropriate monthly rate. 

PONTOON BERTHS: Pontoon berths can be used for leisure or residential purposes. These berths include the supply of mains electricity which is metered and charged separately. Water points are also provided. Three sizes of berth are available: "Wide" berths are suitable for wide beam or barge-style craft and are currently £4320 per annum (£360 per month). "Narrow" berths are suitable for narrowboats of less than 7ft beam and 50ft LOA and are currently £3600 per annum (£300 per month). "Yacht" berths are available for craft up to 12m and are charged at £25 per metre per month. Craft over 12m can be accomodated, subject to availability at the "Wide" berth rate. Payment for pontoon berths annually in advance attracts a discount of one month 'free' of charge and guarantees the berth holder exclusive use of the berth throughout the period. Please call for availability. 

TEL: 01474 535700 EMAIL:

Please note: the depth of water in the marina is affected by the tidal range in the river Thames. We endeavour to maintain a minimum depth of 2 metres but, on occasion, the depth my be less.

STORAGE ASHORE: A limited amount of storage on hard-standing within our secure compound is available. Craft must either be on a cradle or trailer or supported by owner's 'Yacht Legs' or similar. Owners are responsible for ensuring that their craft can be securely 'propped'.

Charges: Yearly: £192.00 per metre Monthly: £16.00 per metre

CHARGES FOR OTHER FACILITIES: (Incluisive of VAT) Use of Slipway; £30.00 per use. Lock and Slipway together £60.00 per use. Quayside launch (for craft up to 10 tonnes) and Lock together £120 (both within 24hr period). ''Out of Hours'' locking: by arrangement. (see Lock Page for times)

PAYMENT: Payment in advance by cheque - payable to "The Embankment Marina (Gravesend) Ltd" or by electronic transfer. (Bank details available on request). For longer periods a monthly standing order or direct debit is required. Refunds will be made on one months notice.

The Embankment Marina is operated by The Embankment Marina (Gravesend) Ltd.